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Additional Learning Needs

Pupils are well integrated into the life and work of the school and they receive effective support.  The special educational needs department provides good quality advice and training to staff on a range of issues.  Support staff for pupils with additional learning needs know the pupils well and provide good support.  Estyn 2013

The Special Needs Resource Base (SNRB) is a specialist Monmouthshire resource base for children with moderate to severe learning needs. It accommodates up to 55 pupils across the 11-18 age range, with approximately 10 new pupils in Year 7 joining every September.

All SNRB staff are trained, specialist teachers with an Additional Learning Needs qualification. They are also Team Teach (UK) trained (a positive intervention strategy) and are trained in using several social communication approaches. The SNRB aims to ensure that every child has access to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to encourage and enable them to achieve to their fullest potential in a specialist, safe and caring environment, where everyone matters.

Through our curriculum, we aim to allow each child to develop and achieve at their level and to develop valuable literacy, numeracy, independence, social and life skills through fun and engaging activities. We aim to promote awareness of Additional Needs such as SpLD (specific learning difficulties), Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Behavioural Emotional Social Disorders throughout the school. This enables all pupils at Caldicot School to develop their understanding, awareness and empathy towards others and provides ongoing training and support for teachers to increase their knowledge and understanding of the needs of young people on the Additional Learning Needs register.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been specifically planned and written to cater to the varied interests, abilities and needs of our pupils. The skills of thinking, communication, using number and using ICT are embedded within all our schemes of work and enable our students to explore and make sense of their world, make connections, develop their literacy and numeracy skills, and encourage them to communicate their ideas and emotions through a variety of ways. All pupils in Key Stage 3 follow the full National Curriculum and are awarded levels at the end of Year 9.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum has been designed to foster both academic and life skills. All pupils in the SNRB have the opportunity to follow Level 1 qualifications and, where possible, some pupils sit GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11. The curriculum is underpinned by a number of strategies to enable each individual to fulfil their potential and prepare them for life.









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