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Welsh Phrases

Have a bit of fun with your child in Welsh

* = number of syllables.

You ask:

  • Shwmae?  Wyt ti’n hapus?  Wyt ti wedi blino?  Wyt ti’n fendigedig?      
  • Howdy?  Are you happy?  Are you tired? Are you fab?
  • Shoe-my (2)?*  Oyt tea-n happ-iss (2)?*  Oyt tea wedd-ee (2)* bleen-or (2)?*  Oyt tea-n ven-dee-ged-igg (4)?*

You answer:

  • Dw i’n hapus/wedi blino/fendigedig)!                                                                 
  • I’m happy/tired/fab!                                                
  • Dwee’n happ-iss (2)* / wedd-ee (2)* bleen-or (2)* / ven-dee-ged-igg (4)*!

You ask:

  • Wyt ti’n hoffi Gavin and Stacey?  
  • Do you like Gavin and Stacey?         
  • Oyt tee-n hoffi (coffee with a ‘h’) Gavin and Stacey?

You answer:

  • Dw i’n hoffi/caru Gavin and Stacey!  Mae’n fendigedig/ddoniol!             
  • I like/love Gavin and Stacey!  It’s fab/funny!                                                
  • Dwee’n hoffi / carrie Gavin and Stacey.  Mine ven-dee-ged-igg (4)*/thon-yol (2)*!




Beth ydy’r pwynt?

What’s the point?

Beth udie’r point?

Ti’n jocan?

You’re joking?

Tea’n jock-ann

Nefi bliw!


Nevi blew!

Bois bach!

Flipping heck!

Boy-s back!

Heb os


Hair-b oss

Twt lol!


Twt lol!

Ca dy geg!

Shut up!

Car duh gare-g

School News

Letter regarding Sporting Activities & Fixtures

Please see attached. Sporting Activities 2018  

Y11 Mock Examinations Week

Mock Examination week Nov 2018

Children in Need non-uniform day 16th November

On Friday 16th November we are going all out for a Mish Mash of colour for Non-Uniform. The BRIGHTER the BETTER!!! £1 donation suggested