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Monmouthshire County Council Term Dates

AUTUMN TERM 2018 - 19

BEGINS: Monday 3rd September 2018

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 29th October 2018

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 2nd November 2018

TERM ENDS: Friday 21st December 2018

75 days

SPRING TERM 2018 - 19

BEGINS: Monday 7th January 2019

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 25th February 2019

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 1st March 2019

TERM ENDS: Friday 12th April 2019

65 days

SUMMER TERM 2018 - 19

BEGINS: Monday 29th April 2019

MAY DAY: Monday 6th May 2019

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 27th May 2019

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 31st May 2019

TERM ENDS: Monday 22nd July 2019

55 days

AUTUMN TERM 2019 - 20

BEGINS: Monday 2nd September 2019

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 28th October 2019

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 1st November 2019

TERM ENDS: Friday 20th December 2019

75 days

SPRING TERM 2019 - 20

BEGINS: Monday 6th January 2020

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 17th February 2020

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 21st February 2020

TERM ENDS: Friday 3rd April 2020

60 days

SUMMER TERM 2019 - 20

BEGINS: Monday 20th April 2020

MAY DAY: Monday 4th May 2020

HALF TERM BEGINS: Monday 25th May 2020

HALF TERM ENDS: Friday 29th May 2020

TERM ENDS: Monday 20th July 2020

60 days

Please be aware that MCC Term Dates are generic - for detailed information regarding Caldicot School please see the School Diary

School News

Letter regarding Sporting Activities & Fixtures

Please see attached. Sporting Activities 2018  

Y11 Mock Examinations Week

Mock Examination week Nov 2018

Children in Need non-uniform day 16th November

On Friday 16th November we are going all out for a Mish Mash of colour for Non-Uniform. The BRIGHTER the BETTER!!! £1 donation suggested