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Trips and Visits

Payments for all activities should be made using cheques payable to Caldicot School, or online using ParentPay.  If you have any payment queries please contact Mrs G Harman, 01291 426408, or email [email protected]

For general enquiries about visits please contact Mrs S Maunders, 01291 426451, or email [email protected]

New York, residential, Y13, 24th Feb - 1st March 2019

Barcelona, residential, Y9 - Y10, 25th - 28th February 2019

Geneva, (CERN) residential, Y12, 29th - 31st March 2019

Skiing, France, residential, Y8 - Y9, 5th - 12th April 2019

Krakow, residential, Y11, 15th - 19th April 2019

Germany, residential, Y8 - Y9, 17th - 21st July 2019