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School meals are nutritionally balanced and the school makes appropriate arrangements to promote healthy eating and drinking.  Estyn 2013


The school’s catering facility is managed by Aramark Catering. It operates a cashless system so pupils must have a biometric fingerscan or swipe card to identify them when purchasing food. A permission slip must be completed by a parent/guardian for registration to use either of these methods. Both our finger scanning system and our swipe card system ensure that pupils eligible for Free School Meals are not identified separately from those pupils who are not eligible.

A ParentPay account may be credited with money for pupils to purchase food. Further details can be obtained from A password and username will be issued to new pupils during their first week at this school.

If parents experience any problems logging in, they should contact Mrs G Harman on 01291 426408 or email [email protected]

There is a maximum daily spend allowance in place (£5.00 per day from Sept 2018); if you wish this to be altered please indicate your preferred value on the consent form, or contact the school canteen to have it altered. 

If a pupil finds him/herself with no credit on the dinner money account, food may still be purchased with the deficit being repaid the next time the parent/guardian credits the account.  The overdraft limit is set at  £6.30 (from Sept 2018), which is the equivalent to 3 days meals, to allow time to add funds.If you wish this facility to be removed please contact the school.

Pupils eligible for Free School Meals will have the allowance (£2.10 from Sept 2018) credited to their ParentPay account daily; unused money is not carried over and any over-spend will incur debt against the account.  Parents are advised to allocate funds to the account to cover additional purchases. 

Emails will be sent out periodically advising parents of a negative balance; however balance alerts can be set up from within the ParentPay website.

Meal choices that your child has made can be viewed on the ParentPay website.

Canteen Menu:

Week 1 18                           week 1 - Welsh1718

week 2 18                            week 2 - Welsh1718

week 3 18                            week 3 - Welsh1718

week 4 theme day            week 4  - Welsh1718

If you have any questions about catering or the balance of your account, please contact the Catering Manager, Mrs Hayley Park on 01291 426468 or email [email protected]

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