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Years 9, 10 and 11

Pre-16 Pathway Leader: Mr R Downs

Years 9 and 10

At Caldicot School, Year 9 is the beginning of Key Stage 4.  The focus for Year 9 pupils is to settle into new courses and begin the journey of achieving their target grades in core and option subjects.   Hard work and regular attendance are vital for success, as the first external GCSE examinations commence in January of Year 10, when pupils sit their initial English Literature examination. 

Further external modular examinations are sat in the summer term – a second in English Literature, Welsh, and Science in the core subjects, and ICT and History in option subjects. The GCSEs sat in Year 10 are the “real thing” – they are not mock GCSEs in readiness for Year 11!  Our Upgrade Revision Programme, pre-examination immersion sessions, and holiday revision sessions are all provided as extra support mechanisms to help pupils achieve their aspirations. 

Details of these are sent out separately by letter and are posted on the website. In the summer term Year 10 pupils spend a week on work experience linked with Careers Wales.  For some pupils this will be their first taste of employment, and it provides them with a chance to utilise and develop the essential skills they have learnt in school.

Year 11

Preparation for external examinations begins in October/November with a Parents Information Evening where each of the key members of senior staff speaks to parents, explaining how best their children can be supported in the forthcoming months. The ‘Countdown to GCSE Programme’ begins in January.  This is composed of:

  • Upgrade Programme of after school revision sessions each Monday to Wednesday from 3.00pm – 4.30pm with refreshments and a late bus provided until May/June.
  • Easter and May half term revision courses, all of which are very well attended.
  • Immersion mornings before each morning examination, which have proved highly successful in recent years.

Details of the Year 11 ‘Countdown to GCSE Programme’ are sent out separately by letter and are posted on the website.  In addition, as many as 50 Year 11 pupils are involved in one of the school’s many mentoring programmes each year.

Please click on these links to find out the 2018 Upgrade Programme for Y11 pupils.



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