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Pupil Voice

The Student liaison group plays an important role in decision-making, meeting regularly with the headteacher to monitor and evaluate policy and provision. A majority of students say that the school listens to their views and, where appropriate, makes the changes they suggest (Estyn)

Student voice is a central feature of Caldicot School. It allows our pupils to have greater ownership of the decision-making and consultative procedures within the school; it provides the student community with both a platform for their views and an opportunity to shape policy and strategy. The bodies that deliver this objective, are the Year Councils, the School Council and the Pupil Liaison Group (PLG).

Year Councils

Two students from each form are elected in a secret ballot during September of each academic year following nomination by their peers. The election process is run by the Head Boy and Head Girl, plus their deputies. The Year Council meets with their respective Year Tutor once per half term to discuss all issues relevant to their year groups, which are then fed into full School Council if required.

 School Council

Two students from each Year Council are elected to the full School Council, alongside the Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies. The School Council meets once per half term, with meetings chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl.  The main focus of the School Council is to work alongside staff to help develop and improve teaching and learning across the school.  The School Council also covers a wide remit of issues as and when they arise. 

Pupil Liaison Group (PLG)

The remit for this group is to assist the Headteacher, through debate and discussion, in the introduction, implementation and management of change within the school. The group consists of two representatives from each year group chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl. 

A PLG member's view

"The group represents the pupil population at public forums. The PLG is important because it brings together a wide range of people and views. As well as the pupil elected School Council, we have the PLG. We have to apply by letter and go through an interview with the Head and the Chair of Governors. Being on the PLG means you get to give your views on important issues in the school. It’s great to know that your opinion is listened to and valued. It’s important for pupils to feel that they do have a say in what goes on at their school."