14:41 PM - 25 Sep 2020

Please find a letter from Mr Belli which has been emailed to families. Please RT https://t.co/H9xKkYt93L


13:26 PM - 25 Sep 2020

Retweetd From The Bishop of Llandaff Caldicot Partnership

Students and staff and can keep each other safe by wearing a face-covering outside of the classroom and on school/public transport. We are in this together https://t.co/DmwcK4ClJB


10:05 AM - 25 Sep 2020

Congratulations to Lottie Finister and Harri Pember on becoming Caldicot School's Senior Students 2020-2021! Well done also to Poppy, Millie, Abbie, Molly, Taylor, Macey, Ben and Alex on becoming Heads of House! https://t.co/GnNeRQOhOM

12:56 PM - 23 Sep 2020


12:30 PM - 23 Sep 2020

As part of the Accelerated Learning Programme Grant we are looking for a hard-working individual to join us as a cover supervisor. Click on the link for more information https://t.co/T3UiSwAiTR


09:53 AM - 21 Sep 2020

In the absence of a face-to-face open evening, we have developed a secure area of the school site to support families. We have shared the login details with primary schools but contact Mrs Maunders at school if you do not have this. The site goes live on 1st October. Please RT https://t.co/pBHftctBCh

12:02 PM - 17 Sep 2020

Our 'Introduction to GCSE' event for Year 9 students and can be accessed via the following link https://t.co/58hSGi6I23

19:22 PM - 15 Sep 2020

A letter from Mr Belli, Executive Headteacher, has been sent to all families today. Please check your emails or follow the link https://t.co/DSrWXzol9Z

13:01 PM - 11 Sep 2020

Retweetd From CaldicotPTFA

We're back! Our first PTFA meeting of the year will be next Monday 14th September at 6.00pm. More details to follow in the next few days

10:58 AM - 11 Sep 2020

It has been a fantastic week with Year 11 and Year 13, who have been very productive in their studies and adapted so well. We are really looking forward to seeing all students from Monday 14th September!

Staff List 2020-21

To access a full list of staff please click here

Leadership Team

Mr Belli

Mr Grech

Mr Downs

Mrs O'Callaghan

Mr Davies

Mrs Batchelor

Mr Small

Executive Headteacher

Head of School

Deputy Head

Assistant Head

Assistant Head

Assistant Head

Business Manager

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[email protected]

Wellbeing Leaders

Mrs Mock

Mr Malpas

Mrs Thomas

Mr Clarke

Mrs Moseley

Mrs Iggulden

Mrs Williams

Mr Harman

Mr Bryant

Ms Powell

Mrs Rogers

Mrs Richards

Corporate Wellbeing Lead

Alternative Provision Manager

Head of Transition

Head of Year 7                                   

Head of Year 8

Head of Year 9

Head of Year 10

Head of Year 11

Head of Sixth Form

Head of Year 12 & 13

Head of Inclusion


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Curriculum Leaders

Ms Mason

Mr James

Mr Brady

Mrs Grabner

Miss Ashton

Mr Blake

Mr Handford

Mrs Fowler

Mrs Page

Ms Davies

Mrs Humber

Mr Reed

Mrs Bryant

Mr Page

Mr Davison

Head of English

Head of Mathematics

Head of Science

Head of Art

Head of Drama

Head of ICT

Head of History 

Head of Faculty: Humanities

Head of Languages

Head of Faculty: Languages

Head of Faculty: Arts

Head of Physical Education

Head of Religious Studies

Head of Media

Head of Faculty: Technologies

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