19:43 PM - 22 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Caldicot School Engineering

Thank you to for a great event. Thank you also to team Caldicoders for putting my name forward for the coach award https://t.co/OtWJB8GJqL https://t.co/IlNGp02eix


20:09 PM - 21 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Caldicot NYC

Our final day in NYC starts with a walk over Brooklyn Bridge - it's cold! 🥶 https://t.co/4otgafdYSw


16:03 PM - 20 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Caldicot NYC

It really is a great view! https://t.co/j5sssJRU1H


20:49 PM - 19 Feb 2020

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Another group photo! Federal Hall on Broad St and the sculpture of George Washington. https://t.co/68JIIS1Ljj


02:06 AM - 19 Feb 2020

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Day 2, group photo on Liberty Island https://t.co/Ss4EwOpEdg


20:10 PM - 17 Feb 2020

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Day 1, Washington Square. https://t.co/KcrykNtlvQ

12:16 PM - 16 Feb 2020

Have a fantastic trip everyone! ✈️🏙😀

20:57 PM - 15 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Marc Belli

It’s been a full half term and culminating with fantastic productions of Lord of the Flies and Hairspray. Wishing our amazing students and staff a wonderful break. Thank you to the staff giving their time for the Caldicot visit to NYC

16:00 PM - 15 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Marc Belli

This is a great initiative from Welsh Government. If any and/or families need support then follow the link https://t.co/rj4CnUcrFY


17:41 PM - 13 Feb 2020

Retweetd From Caldicot School PE

A big well done to the Caldicot school pupils who participated in Cardiff martial arts tournament on Sunday. All pupils did extremely well and are now preparing for the Nationals in bath of the 22nd February.. https://t.co/jsfKTDqLVh


GCSE Summer 2020 (11th May - 23rd June) (Y10 and Y11 students)

GCE Summer 2020 (5th May - 20th June) (Y12 and Y13 students)

Contingency Timetable dates have been scheduled up to and including Wednesday 24th June. These dates will be used in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations. Candidates must remain available until Wednesday 24 June should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Throughout GCSE/A level series, there are scheduled oral and practical examinations which take place prior to the summer examination season which takes place in May of each year.  Teachers will provide students with details, but planned dates can be seen below: 

27/28/31 Jan - Y11 Science Practicals

3/4/7 Feb - Y11 Science Practicals

5/6/7 Feb - Y11 Personal Finance Exams

25th Feb - Y11 Engineering online exam (resit)

11th & 16th March - Y12/Y13 Finance Exams

2nd & 3rd March - Food & Nutrition pracs

11th & 16th March - Y12/Y13 LIBF Finance Exams L3 (resits)

12th & 13th March - Y11 Personal Finance Exams

26th March - Y13 Physics Practical

1st & 2nd April - Y11 MFL orals

2nd April - Y11 Drama Practical; Y12/Y13 Welsh orals; Y13 Biology Practical

21/22/23 April - Y10 Welsh orals

23/24/27 April - Y11 Art Practical, Y11 Finance exams

27/28/29 - Y11 Welsh orals

30th April - 1st May - Y7, Y8, Y9 Welsh Government Tests

5th and 7th May - Y13 Chemistry Practical and analysis

6/7 May - Y13 Art Practical

6th May - AS French oral

22nd June - 10th July - Y7, Y8, Y9 Welsh Government Tests

Public examinations typically start at 8:45am in the morning and at 1:00pm in the afternoon. However, students must check their start times on their individual examination timetables. Students should arrive 15 minutes before the examination is due to start.  Student examination timetables will detail start times and locations. Please be advised that all students are expected to wear full school uniform to each of their exams.

Key Stage 4 Support Programme

Throughout Key Stage 4, a programme of After School Revision is available with free transport always provided on Tuesdays at 4.30pm, and from Wednesday 29th January 2020 also each Wednesday.

During half-term break(s) and the Easter holiday period, there are scheduled revision sessions for students to assist them with their learning.

During examinations, focused 'Immersion Days' and/or 'Immersion Mornings' provide intense revision sessions to support students. These are normally arranged the day in advance of public examinations. Details of revision and immersion sessions emailed to students/parents as and when they are arranged. 

GCSE/A Level Examinations 

Individual student timetables are emailed to students and contacts. Paper copies are issued to students and further copies can be requested from the school office. A noticeboard outside reception will detail exams and venues on the day (in case of any last minute changes).


After students have received examination results, there is a short period of time where papers can be requested and/or reviewed for marking. A form may be obtained from the main office, which details deadlines and fees (they are unique to every season). A copy of this form is also put in your results envelope. 

Please contact Mrs Lillie [email protected] or Mrs Barnett  [email protected] for more information.

For further information about qualification and specifications, please visit

Joint Qualifications Committee: www.jcq.co.uk

WJEC: www.wjec.co.uk