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In lessons, many students recall previous work quickly and accurately. They gain new knowledge, understanding and skills at an appropriate rate, and demonstrate a secure grasp of their work. Students acquire and develop their subject skills well, including those gained through a variety of practical activities. When faced with new and unfamiliar situations, they apply their understanding and skills effectively.  (Estyn)

Caldicot School aims to provide a curriculum that is flexible, accessible and inspiring. In accordance with the relevant Education Acts, we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our students and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. These aims are delivered by the statutory curriculum and by a range of cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

By offering a range of courses for all students and by implementing a variety of effective teaching methods, we strive to create an ethos of high achievement, personal challenge and mutual respect. Our whole-school curriculum focus is to create a learning culture that raises achievement by equipping our students with the skills necessary to become independent and inter-dependent life-long learners.  

Students in Years 7 and 8 follow the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3. Their programme of study includes English; mathematics; science; Welsh; art; drama; geography; history, Information & Communication Technology (ICT); modern foreign languages; music; physical education; personal & social education (PSE); religious education and design technology.

PSE is delivered mainly through the timetabled tutor periods, supplemented occasionally by theatre-in-education performances, workshops and guest speakers.

By the end of Year 8, students choose the optional subjects they wish to study at Key Stage 4 in order that they benefit from a three year Key Stage 4 programme at the start of Year 9. Students are guided very carefully through this process in order that they make the choices that are appropriate for their needs, abilities and aspirations. The Year 8 options process begins in the latter half of the autumn term where pupils receive a number of presentations in assemblies from the Deputy Head responsible for the curriculum, from subject leaders and from outside agencies for courses they may not have experienced at Key Stage 3.

In February of Year 8, parents are invited to attend our Year 8 Options Evening where they too can listen to these presentations and speak to our Subject Leaders to discuss the suitability of courses for their children. Careers Wales advisors are also available to give further guidance on career, further and higher education pathways.  

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 follow the core National Curriculum of English Language and Literature; mathematics; science (with the option of separate sciences leading to 3 GCSEs); Welsh; religious education; physical education; PSE and Welsh Baccalaureate. In addition students choose three subjects from a range of options. A variety of vocational qualifications are available to compliment the traditional GCSE qualifications. Additional information regarding Key Stage 4 provision is available in our Year 8 Options Booklet.

The majority of Sixth Form students study A Levels.  Further information on our post-16 curriculum offer can be found in the Sixth Form section of the website.